About Stu Vincent Photographer

I am lucky!

I appreciate that is a bold statement but, in a few sentences, I will elaborate…

About Stu Vincent Photographer

I appreciate that is a bold statement but, in a few sentences, I will elaborate.

I have been a Northampton resident since the mid-90’s and, while the town has some challenges, I am glad that it is my home.

We might look at the Cultural Quarter in Northampton with the Royal & Derngate Theatres, but Northampton has so much more; the wealth of music, spoken word, community-focused local radio, film-making and theatre is breathtaking. I am lucky to have been directly involved in some of these and photographed others.

Having spent many years working in I.T. it might come as no surprise when I say that I had much more fun as a stage manager/emcee at Americana/Bluegrass festivals in the U.S, or wrangling hot-air balloons as Ground Crew, or being a radio presenter…I have been lucky to have had these opportunities and experiences.


Finally, I am incredibly lucky that I was able to walk away from the 9-to-5 of I.T. to   my love of photography and work freelance. I have photographed corporate events, been in ‘the pit’ at major music festivals, covered boxing and MMA events, taken production stills for film and theatre and – yes – I still take photographs for my own enjoyment.So, what could you expect if we should work together?

Obviously, you will have seen examples of my photography before we started working on any project but what about ‘me’… I will add some comments from some of my previous clients.

The first part of any assignment would be to establish what images were required but I have also been asked to ‘just capture what’s going on’ so, for me, it’s important to be able to be unobtrusive should the circumstances require that (covering golf tournaments, production stills for film or theatre) but also to be able to communicate quickly and easily with the models/subjects when shots need to be set up or to respond to changing circumstances or additional requests.

About Stu Vincent Photographer

Alongside the quality of the images, it is equally important that any assignment is an enjoyable experience for all concerned. So…drop me a line at or call me on 07717133799 so that we can discuss your requirements and create images and capture moments; a pre-appointment conversation about your requirements will set mutual expectations about the style of photographs that you would like and will also ensure that any subsequent shoot or sitting uses time efficiently. We can arrange a no-obligation conversation by phone/Zoom at a time convenient to yourself. We will discuss what you want and the best location/staging for the photographs. From there, if you wanted to proceed with me taking your photographs, we will arrange the date and time for me to I come to you, camera in hand!


Digital images would be edited and submitted to you for download within 72 hours – if you wished to have some images printed, I could arrange this though additional costs would be incurred.

Stu Vincent Photographer
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