Professional Headshots

Do I need, or even want, a professional headshot? Well, I am bound to say ‘Yes, of course you do… and I can take that for you!’ but that’s not a convincing argument is it? Headshots should be eye-catching, memorable and immediately give the person viewing the headshot a strong and positive impression of the subject.

Professional Headshots

Headshots – for many – will be their representation on various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook or IMDb though professional headshots might also be used on company websites, publicity material and in reception areas.

As I said before, a good headshot should be eye-catching and give a positive impression of the person in front of the camera; I am sure that we have all seen headshots where the sitter seems either reluctant, uncomfortable or disinterested which, of course, defeats the idea of having a headshot in the first place!

Question: Who might want a headshot?

Answer: Anyone who is wanting people to engage with them in whatever capacity.

An actor may wish to update their portfolio for IMDb or for auditions to portray the characteristics of potential roles.

A musician may want to show themselves in performance or in a stage setting.

An office may wish to welcome visitors to its premises by showing photographs of the staff that they might be meeting or perhaps add a personal element to the company website by proudly focusing on the talent they have on the team; this is not to say that the headshot needs to be a person planted onto a chair in front of a backdrop and expected to smile for the camera. The headshots could be taken in the context of the individual’s role within the organisations; not only does this say more about the individual but it is also where they are most familiar and most at ease which will result in better photographs.

Of course, some may require a ‘traditional’ headshot, but the same underlying principle applies: the sitter must be at ease. A pre-appointment conversation about the new headshots will set mutual expectations about the style of the headshots and will also enable that any subsequent sitting uses time efficiently.


Professional Headshots

If you were considering having a headshot taken, then drop me a line and we can arrange a no-obligation conversation by phone/Zoom at a time convenient to yourself. We would discuss what you wanted to see in your new headshots, the impression you wished to portray in your images and the best location/staging for the photographs. From there, if you wanted to proceed with me taking your headshots, we will arrange the date and time for me to come to your premises (if you are within an hour’s drive of Northampton there would be no additional travelling expenses to cover).

Digital images would be edited and submitted to you within 48 hours – if you wished to have some images printed, I could arrange this though additional costs would be incurred.

Professional Headshots

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