Moments and Memories

One of my earliest customers wrote to me and said that they loved the moments that I captured and the memories that these made for those who viewed my pictures… the phrase ‘Moments and Memories has stayed with me ever since. I am heading off to the USA for a short while and, as I […]

Looking back on 2023

This time last year, if you had asked me whether – by the following October – I would be excited about masonry, components in roof insulation layers, king post trusses and the balancing of sash windows I would have looked at you with some surprise. Yet (if you have read previous blogs articles) you will […]

St Peter’s & Old Black Lion Update

Has it really been four months since I last sat down to update you on what I have been up to? Apparently so…. I apologise. Since I last wrote, the Church’s Conservation Trust invited me photograph and record the renovation of The Old Black Lion in Northampton as part of the St. Peter’s & Old Black Lion […]

St Peter’s and the Old Black Lion Project, Northampton

Go onto a public forum on social media and ask for people’s opinion of their town and there will always be naysayers and Northampton is no different….however…. there are individuals and organisations both within the town and from outside of Northampton who are working very hard to preserve the heritage of the town. Northampton has […]

Guitars to Gumshields

Guitars to Gumshields A friend in the US recently commented ‘You’ve become quite the sports photographer!’ and this made me smile at her appreciation of my photographs while also making me pause a while and take a few moments to reflect on my experience as a photographer. This friend, Patrice, knows me through the Bluegrass […]

Being Realistic (and Horseball)

Being Realististic (and Horseball) When I worked in industry a million years ago, SMART objectives became a ‘thing’ and, of course, since I was first introduced to SMART objectives some of the criteria have changed but I have always known SMART as Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound (as mentioned, other flavours are available!). I […]

The Colour Run

Fancy shooting a Colour Run? I think that we have all seen the dramatic photographs of the Holi Festival where there is a riotous explosion of colour as the participants celebrate the festival. More recently, we’ve seen various groups and organisations holding fund-raising Colour Runs with the same spectacular resultsSo… I receive a call:‘Hey Stu, […]

The Knife Angel in Northamptonshire

The Knife Angel in Northamptonshire Having had to drop my car off for a service, I decided that I would take a walk through the Northampton town centre just to take some photographs for my own pleasure and with nothing specific in mind. As I approached Wood Hill I was surprised to see a low […]

A Collaboration

‘Let’s work together again soon!’ When I took stills for Screen Northants during the filming of ‘Fortune Cookies’ – which I should tell you about someday – I met Vicky Stuart who was one of the Hair & Make Up Artists (HMUA). Since then, we have worked together a number of times in her capacity […]

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