Being Realistic (and Horseball)

Being Realististic (and Horseball) When I worked in industry a million years ago, SMART objectives became a ‘thing’ and, of course, since I was first introduced to SMART objectives some of the criteria have changed but I have always known SMART as Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound (as mentioned, other flavours are available!). I[…]

The Colour Run

Fancy shooting a Colour Run? I think that we have all seen the dramatic photographs of the Holi Festival where there is a riotous explosion of colour as the participants celebrate the festival. More recently, we’ve seen various groups and organisations holding fund-raising Colour Runs with the same spectacular resultsSo… I receive a call:‘Hey Stu,[…]

The Knife Angel in Northamptonshire

The Knife Angel in Northamptonshire Having had to drop my car off for a service, I decided that I would take a walk through the Northampton town centre just to take some photographs for my own pleasure and with nothing specific in mind. As I approached Wood Hill I was surprised to see a low[…]

A Collaboration

‘Let’s work together again soon!’ When I took stills for Screen Northants during the filming of ‘Fortune Cookies’ – which I should tell you about someday – I met Vicky Stuart who was one of the Hair & Make Up Artists (HMUA). Since then, we have worked together a number of times in her capacity[…]

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