Sporting Photography

Professional sports photography is a very highly specialised area where, if you have ever spoken to an official photographer at a top-flight event, you will have learned that some of their lenses will typically cost as much (if not more) than a family car!

However, professional-looking photographs for your match or event are just an email away…read on..

Sporting Photography

However… if you are holding a sporting event such as a corporate 5-a-side competition or golf day or maybe your team has reached the Finals then you will want to have a record of the event for those who were there as well as those that couldn’t make it and I can take care of that for you. After covering a golf day, one client wrote “Stu quickly becomes part of the team at any event he photographs. Beautiful, creative pictures: it’s our members and guests who make the memories but it’s Stu who captures them for keeps”

Whatever the sport, there are always plenty of moments of humour, of trial and triumph as well as congratulation and commiseration. Each sport will have particular aspects that will govern how the photographer operates. With golf, tee shots and putting are critical moments so (as with the player) proper positioning and timing is essential; with equestrian events, the safety of horse and rider are paramount and so on.


Recently, I have been taking photographs for an organisations which arranges boxing and MMA events for amateur fighters who receive free training in return for raising sponsorship supporting Cancer Research UK; I will confess that I would rather hike the Pennine Way, myself, but these hardy souls have raised over £23 million for Cancer Research UK. Finding myself, at my first event, on top of a ladder leaning over the edge of the cage to get my shots was an unusual experience but capturing the action as well as the sportsmanship after the bouts was rewarding.

From time to time I have been known to cover a local parkrun where participants of all abilities will run, jog or walk 5km; this gives the opportunity to capture the flying feet of the front-runners as well as the moments where runners might be going for their personal best or just enjoying a gentle run and a good time with friends.

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Sporting Photography

Most recently, I have been taking some equestrian photographs and, in particular, horseball (which is a fast-paced mixture of basketball and rugby on horseback). This started when a model, who was competing in a Championship asked me to take some photographs of her during her matches. This led onto being invited to join one of the GB riders at ‘the gallops’ and attending pre-season training. While I have ridden (though many years ago) I was perfectly comfortable around the horses though knew little about horseball; by talking to riders, coaches and helpers I was able to understand what images people would like to see, simply: what was going on! and, most importantly, the protocols for the event to ensure everyone’s safety.

Curiously, it was my concert photography that led to me being contacted to cover a White-Collar Boxing event which then led on onto covering a number of boxing and MMA events. While this was certainly a significant shift – as was explained to me – I was brought in as I was used to shooting in low light; I am looking forward to covering some of the events scheduled for later this year.

Most recently, I was contacted to cover a 10km & half-marathon event (as a result of the recommendation of a friend of a friend of a friend…so ‘mystery’ person: Thank You!).  It was a glorious summer day but, given the direction of the route, I was shooting into the sun for most of the time which didn’t make life easy but I’m sure that the runners appreciated having the sun at their backs!

Sport has played a big part in my life and photographing any sort of sporting activity is always joyous; the level is irrelevant because it is the people participating (and spectating) who are most important. So whether you have a fun-run or an all-day 5-a-side competition, a boxing match or a horseball event, I would love to cover that for you. Drop me a line to arrange a no-obligation conversation by phone/Zoom at a time convenient to yourself. A pre-appointment conversation about your requirements will set mutual expectations about the style of photographs that you would like and will also ensure that any subsequent shoot or sitting uses time efficiently. We can arrange a no-obligation conversation by phone/Zoom at a time convenient to yourself. We will discuss what you want and the best location/staging for the photographs. From there, if you wanted to proceed with me taking your photographs, we will arrange the date and time for me to I come to you, camera in hand!

Digital images would be edited and submitted to you for download within 72 hours – if you wished to have some images printed, I could arrange this though additional costs would be incurred.

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