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“I am incredibly lucky that I was able to walk away from the 9-to-5 of I.T. to pursue my love of photography and work freelance.

I have photographed civic and corporate events, been in ‘the pit’ at major music festivals, covered boxing& MMA and other sporting events, taken production stills for film and theatre and – yes – I still take photographs for my own enjoyment.”

Professional sports photography is a very highly specialised area where, if you have ever spoken to an official photographer at a top-flight event, you will have learned that some of their lenses will typically cost as much (if not more) than a family car!

However… if you are holding a sporting event such as a corporate 5-a-side competition or golf day or maybe your team has reached the Finals then you will want to have a record of the event for those who were there as well as those that couldn’t make it and I can take care of that for you. After covering a golf day, one client wrote “Stu quickly becomes part of the team at any event he photographs. Beautiful, creative pictures: it’s our members and guests who make the memories but it’s Stu who captures them for keeps”

Whatever the sport, there are always plenty of moments of humour, of trial and triumph as well as congratulation and commiseration. Each sport will have particular aspects that will govern how the photographer operates. With golf, tee shots and putting are critical moments so (as for the player on the tee box) proper positioning and timing is critical; with equestrian events, the safety of horse and rider are paramount and so on.

Taking photographs at open-water swimming events brings its own challenges so it was rewarding to be asked to cover more events in other disciplines and receive this review: “Stu looks after all our sports events and is just a pleasure to have as part of the team. Very professional with eye for natural shots. Highly recommended!”

See more of my sports photography and find out how to book me for your event here: Sporting Photography

It is always fun to take headshots and publicity photographs as this, inevitably, involves creating a relaxed and conducive atmosphere and – let me be honest – any opportunity to chat about music is one that I will seize and if I have a camera in my hand then that’s my idea of Heaven; that said, nothing compares to witnessing a live performance.

As mentioned, my radio show gave me access to backstage and ‘pit’ access to major festivals as well as shooting in more intimate venues – each having their own benefits. With a smaller venue, the concert is often accompanied with a good deal of interaction with the audience but the excitement of big shows with full lights and a full house is indescribable and to have the opportunity to capture the performance never fails to give me goosebumps. That said, for major shows, the ‘pit’ will be cleared after the first three songs so there is the additional adrenaline rush of getting those shots! Find out more about Concert Photography here

Naturally, such an approach would work for any event – birthday, anniversary or a civil ceremony or unconventional wedding whatever you are planning or wishing to commemorate and need a photographer, drop me a line.

As well as taking the ‘commemorative’ photographs, I love taking family photographs and sometimes people will say ‘We’d love some pictures but the kids never sit still’ or (as happened recently) ‘We’d like an outdoor shoot which includes our three horses and four dogs’; for me, this just gives an opportunity to capture the moments that the customer will cherish with everyone being relaxed, being themselves and being spontaneous. Challenging? maybe, but a great deal of fun. Whatever you were looking for, drop me a line and let’s have a chat. Find out more about Corporate and Civic Event Photography here

While some manufacturers will, of course, hire studios and bring in models who will be photographed wearing the next season’s collection there are also smaller companies who will send dresses, outfits and accessories out to models who will then be asked to submit photographs of themselves wearing the outfit. I can help with this.

Aspiring models may wish to have photographs taken for their portfolio and, again, I can help with this in the same way as I can take headshots for actors though for models I would recommend that we have a conversation to determine the images that you were looking for, whether costume changes were required (which would need to be considered when choosing a location) and whether a hair & make-up artist was required.

When a shop has a collection of dresses for the new season, I have also arranged a shoot on location where the models have worn several outfits to show the available new styles for day and evening wear. One of the models that I have worked with is also a very accomplished hair and make-up artist (who are sometimes referred to as HMUAs) who I now work closely with and can be brought in on a shoot to provide contemporary or retro styling for the models. Find out more about Fashion Photography here

I was recently asked to take photographs for a couple who were having a very low-key civil ceremony but wanted some photographs taking ahead of their special day. The brief was ‘urban, funky and definitely not traditional’. We spent a morning taking photographs and their response was:

“Absolutely loved working with Stu, he took the time to scout out locations for an urban couples photoshoot, kept me in the loop with ideas and kept us completely at ease and laughing the whole way through the shoot. The photos are amazing which are proof of his skills!”

Naturally, such an approach would work for any event – birthday, anniversary or a civil ceremony or unconventional wedding whatever you are planning or wishing to commemorate and need a photographer, drop me a line. Find out more about Life Event Photography here

Headshots – for many – will be their representation on various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook or IMDb though professional headshots might also be used on company websites, publicity material and in reception areas.

A good headshot should be eye-catching and give a positive impression of the person in front of the camera; I am sure that we have all seen headshots where the sitter seems either reluctant, uncomfortable or disinterested which, of course, defeats the idea of having a headshot in the first place! Find out more about Professional Headshots here

Stu Vincent

Northampton Photographer

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