Moments and Memories

One of my earliest customers wrote to me and said that they loved the moments that I captured and the memories that these made for those who viewed my pictures… the phrase ‘Moments and Memories has stayed with me ever since.

I am heading off to the USA for a short while and, as I plan my schedule for my return, I started reflecting on that phrase ‘Memories and Moments’ and the people who – while I photographed them – created Memories and Moments for me.

In a week that saw the sad announcement of the passing of David Laing CBE, former Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire I thought of the people that I have encountered while taking photographs in and around the county who – quite unintentionally – have created Memories and Moments for me.

Such is the case with David Laing; if I am recognised anywhere it is often because of my coverage of the civic events that take place within Northamptonshire. I enjoy the ceremonial and historical aspects to the civic events and it is worth remembering that the role of Lord Lieutenant is much more than a ceremonial role being the monarch’s representative within the county.

This photograph was taken in 2019 at a very wet Oak Apple Day celebration in Northampton where I was able to capture a relaxed exchange between the Lord Lieutenant and a member of the Honourable Artillery Company.

Amidst the ceremony and formality, such moments also show the warmth and mutual respect of those taking part

As mentioned elsewhere, my condolences to Mr Laing’s family and many friends.                                    

Lord Lieutenant David Laing CBE talking to a member of the HAC at Oak Apple Day in Northampton 2019

It would not be possible to mention any civic event in Northampton without mentioning County Sergeant, Roger Coleman.

I have known Roger for many years now and he has always been extremely supportive and welcoming to me. For every event in town (and further afield within the County) Roger is the linchpin; he has introduced me to so many people over the years and I can’t thank him enough. If ever there was a gentleman who sets an example to us for modesty, efficiency, courtesy and friendliness, it is Roger. 

I’m really sorry that my trip to the US will mean that I miss covering the season’s first event by enDuRo Team – the Roade Triathlon (even though it was a very wet and windly affair last year).

I started working with enDuRo Team as a result of a recommendation and have since covered triathlons, half-marathons and open-water swimming events for them.

Sport was always important to me and in some ways it is frustrating to photograph events that I wish I could participate in but broken and worn-out ‘hinges’ have put me on the sideline with a Nikon in my hand.

Why have I added enDuRo Team? Well… it is because of the organisation and competitors in equal measure. Every event is well organised, communication is first class which naturally attracts a lot of competitors. Everyone involved is welcoming and upbeat so these events are a joy to cover. I like to think that my experience in playing sport as well as covering events means I know when I can get the ‘smile into the camera’ shot and when to just concentrate on the action and be as unobtrusive as possible.


Competitor in the Roade Triathlon organised by Enduro Team

I assure you that not all events take place in the rain though!

Women's Race Leader in the Naseby Half-Marathon 2023

I am going to add a photograph that I took of That Joe Payne as he prepared to announce a new (and very exciting) project where he would be working with Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater but really this is to acknowledge, show thanks and love for the musicians that I have encountered.

Joe Payne aka That Joe Payne

I was being quizzed some years ago and was told ‘You’ve done so many random things!’ and I could only reply ‘I’ve been lucky’.

I was introduced to Joe Payne through my dear friend Judy Dyble who also introduced me to Jill and Dave Swarbrick (folk music lovers will be familiar with these names). One of my road-trips while in the US will be to visit my dear friend Larry who was my mentor when I started Bluegrass & Americana radio in the dim-and-distant past and through him I have introduced artists on stage who have won more IBMA (Bluegrass) awards that I have fingers & toes (and. yes, I have a full set!). I’ve also been backstage chatting with artists while Grateful Dead historian David Gans jammed with the next band about to take the stage. I’ve also played on stage but – I have to confess – I am the world’s most inept madolin player (and again, yes – I need to practice more).

All of these musicians and others besides as I have introduced them onstage at concerts & festivals and taken photographs have given me some of the most precious memories. To all of them – Thank You.

Professor Alice Roberts visiting the site of The Old Black Lion in Northampton with BBC Digging For Britain film crew

Perhaps another of those ‘random’ situations was while taking photographs for The Churches Conservation Trust at site of The Old Black Lion in Northampton. As work on the trenches was completed, I arrived to step into the trenches and take ground-level photographs only to find a BBC film crew there. I was allowed to continue (on the proviso that I didn’t wave at the camera!).

I have, however, been taking photographs of the restoration and renovation of this historic Grade II listed 16th Century pub as part of a heritage project which will ultimately support work on the 12th Century Grade I listed St Peter’s Church which is next door.

I never envisaged climbing scaffolding to take photographs of chimney restoration or learning about the need for re-balancing sash weights but to be able to learn about the history and the restoration has been fascinating.

Is this the right time to say that I take business headshots too? It’s not all hard hats, waterproofs and music festivals!

A very wet Black Labrador dog at the Roade Triathlon

Finally… the characters that give me some of the most fun moments… dogs.

I have two elderly rescue cats who would not take too kindly to sharing their domain with a dog (to be honest, they are not too sure about humans sometimes) but I love dogs too and – it’s often at sport event – folks chuckle when I explain that they needn’t worry about their wet or slobbery dog coming to say Hello as it means I get my ‘Dog Fix’.

When it’s an informal event, I don’t care if you’re a slobbery Newfoundland who will turn my black trousers into something more resembling camouflage or a furry pooch who will leave me decidedly furry too, you’re welcome to say Hello*

So Thank You to everyone who has given me some fabulous memories as I try and capture your moments for your memories.

*Unlike my cats, humans are welcome to say Hello too.

Moments and Memories

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  1. Beautiful images Stu! Keep doing what you do best. Enjoy your time across the pond, definitely a catch up due when you get back!

    1. Thank you, Jules.
      I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to take these pictures and work with some tremendous people.
      …and as you suggest, we will get together on my return.

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